December 22, 2010


I've always looked forward to celebrating holidays throughout the year, but something about having a baby makes you even more excited. It's so much fun to see things for the first time again, through their eyes. I know that Cooper won't really know anything that's going on this year, but there are still some traditions that I want to continue, as well as some that I want to start with him.

We didn't really have many traditions growing up, but one thing that my parents did every year was get us a Hallmark ornament. Now, Hallmark is HUGE with my parents, and their tree is probably 98% Hallmark, and they have a huge tree. When we were little, my parents picked out a series for us. I have two for some reason. The first is the Crayola series. I get one of these each year. My parents gave me all of them when I moved out, so now they're on my tree :) I tried to get a shot with most of them. I hang them in clusters so you can see them all together. (this is not most of them, I couldn't get them all in!)
Here they are closer up
My other series is Mary's Angels. I have SO many of these, more than Crayola, I feel.
A couple closer up
So, this is something that I wanted to start with Cooper. We decided to start getting him the Fire Brigade series, so each year, he will get some sort of fire truck. Here is this years :)

I guess you could also say that Christmas baking was a family tradition. We always made lots of treats when I was growing up, and I still do that every year. I look forward to when Cooper can help!

Some other things that are not family traditions, but that I want to start with Cooper are:

Letting him open a gift of Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve. I know that this isn't original, but I like it, and who doesn't want new PJ's?

Annnd, I'm pretty sure that the rest have to do with food :)

I want to start having some kind of Christmas Eve dinner tradition. Last year I made chicken parmesan and I am this year too, so that might become the tradition.

I also want to have a Christmas day breakfast and lunch/dinner tradition, but that's also TBD. This year we're having monkey bread for breakfast and pork tenderloin for lunch/dinner. I wanted to try to make a beef wellington but I think I'll save that for a later year when we can have Christmas at our house :)

What are some traditions that you guys do every year, or that you want to start? I'd love to get some more ideas!


Erica said...

We need to think of some to "Start" this year too! Your collections are amazing, my ornaments are mainly a random assortment:) Love the fire trucks.

Lindsey said...

I bought 18 present ornaments for Connor last year. Each year, Adam and I write one wish we have for Connor for the upcoming year and place it inside the present (it opens). I was pregnant last year, and I hung the first present on the tree. I am not a crier, but oh my! I cried reading my wish. One rule? We cannot read each other's wishes. Those are only for Connor.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I like the Xmas PJ idea too. My mom does that for my niece, but never did it for us! haha. My mom makes some variation of eggs benedict every xmas morning and I SOOO look forward to that. I still go to my mom and dad's house xmas eve because my niece was born when I was in college, so I was there to see her wake up to Santa, and I just dont like to miss that. NExt year with Guzzi, will be our FIRST year waking up in our own home! But then I might want to head right over to my parents for breakfast! haha. My mom always left our stockings in our room From santa so we could open those before going down to the tree...and we saw that "sign" that Santa was there as soon as we opened our eyes. I liked that.

katie@tulsadetails said...

My mom also has a hallmark tree and my aunt is a MAJOR collector with over 2000 ornaments. I have many hand me downs and feel like they give the tree so much personality. I love seeing yours!!