August 12, 2010

Happy birthday to ME!

Today was my birthday. I turned the ripe old age of 28. I had to count that, because I seriously never know how old I am.

It's funny how much birthdays change as you get older. Today, I celebrated my birthday by doing the following:

- Screaming bloody murder at Lee at midnight because I was feeding Cooper and a HUGE bug crawled across his head! True story. It turned out to just be a moth, but I thought it was a cockroach because it was so dark in the room
- Waking up at 7am to see my baby boy looking right at me :) He doesn't sleep in our bed, but he usually wakes up for a feeding at 5:30 and I always just pull him into bed with us and let him stay there until he wakes up for the day
- Having lunch with my supervisor and my manager. Booooooo going back to work Sept 1
- Cleaning the bathroom
- (TMI warning)Picking up a very large, very gross 'accident' by one of the dogs (in her defense she kept asking to go out but I ignored her bc I was cleaning)
- Picking up the house
- Going to dinner with my family, where I had a glass of WINE!! I honestly forget that I can have wine again.

Cooper's gift to me was taking ALL of his naps on his own! He took 3 naps in his bassinet and one in his carseat at lunch! Usually, if he naps at all, I have to hold him so this was awesome :)

Lee's (and my parents') gift to me is a new wardrobe! Well, maybe not a whole wardrobe, but I definitely get to go shopping for lots of new clothes. NOTHING I own fits me. I am excited to go shopping, but at the same time, I know that I will be sad when I figure out what size I am now, but that's another post.

Here I am with my little man at dinner! It was his first dinner out and he was really good! Fell asleep about 1/3 of the way through. That is his drool all over my sleeve :)
Family pic! I think this is only the second picture we have as a family, we'll have to change that!

I have a 2 month post for Cooper coming in a few days, I wanted to wait until we go to the doctor tomorrow so I can give his stats


katandkarl said...

he's such a cutie pie. happy bday!

jv726 said...

SSOO glad you got a glass of wine :) Happy Birthday!

Jax said...

YAY for your birthday, yay for wine, yay for Cooper sleeping! YAY YAY YAY! (And selfishly, yay for you coming back to work..haha) XOXO!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
How did that wine taste! :))