December 6, 2012

Checking In

Let’s have a little life update.

- Jake has made himself at home in our house.  A little too much.  He’s kind of on thin ice right now.  Truth be told, it’s pretty clear that he needs to be an only dog. He is insanely jealous of attention we give to Isabelle and Zoe.  To the point where he storms over and pushes the other dogs out of the way if we are petting or holding them.  Not cool, Jake.  Not cool.  He is also super rowdy, which is fine, but he runs over the other dogs all the time.  Isabelle doesn’t even get out of her cage on her own when we get home because she is scared of him :(  It makes me so sad.  But Isabelle and Zoe were our very first babies and they come first.  We aren’t planning on trying to find a home for him again, but if one presented itself, we would probably consider it.  Poor Jakey poo.  He is a sweet dog.  He just needs a TON of attention :)

- My house is a disaster right now.  I can NOT keep up with it.  So frustrating.  I don’t understand how this happens when we really do have a place for everything.  I constantly feel like I need to re-organize every space because that might help.  And I feel like ALL I do is dishes lately.  Although, I haven’t cooked dinner at all this week (I usually do every night) and there have been WAY less dishes to wash.  Maybe I’m on to something here….

- I am super proud to say that we are almost finished Christmas shopping. I just need to get stocking stuffers and we are all set!  This never happens so early in the month for us.

- Cooper is so wild right now.  And I really think it’s partially due to Jake.  He gets Cooper all riled up and then they go crazy.  Cooper literally bounces off the walls at night.  Literally.  He bounces from the wall to his bed, and repeat until we make him stop.  I have never seen a child with so much energy.  It wears me out just watching him!

- Coop’s language development is so so awesome right now.  The things he says both surprise us and crack us up!  When did he learn some of these things?  Last night he pointed to a Santa and said “Santa Clause. I sit on his lap. I get pesents”  We have never told him anything about Santa or sitting on his lap.  He has gone to see Santa every year, but that’s about the extent of us talking about him.  And he does know about presents, but usually relates them to birthdays, never Santa.  Must be school, although they focus more on the real meaning of Christmas, so who knows.  Oh, he can also “spell” his name: C-O-P-R.  Pretty close :)

- I am seriously counting down the days until I am off for Christmas.  12 work days and counting…

- How’s this for logical: I hate running.  Hate.  I signed up for a relay with my co-workers, which I’ve talked about it.  I had to run 5.5 miles.  I had every intention of training, but I didn’t.  Because I hate running.  I was dreading the race, and complained about it every day at work.  And then I ran it.  And it was so awesome and fun.  My team was super proud of our time.  But I haven’t run since.  And now I’m signing up to run 2 half-marathons in 2013.  HA!  I will be joining a training team this time so that I can actually DO it.  We’ll see how it goes.


Aja said...

How adorable that he's spelling his name! Love that. And I'm so impressed that you're nearly done Christmas shopping! I need to get with it.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

These kids crack me up! Jamie has had one of those personalized pottery barn anywhere chairs since his first birthday. So well over a year. A few weeks ago he turned around, and said J-A-M-I-E that's my name! He's been spelling his name for awhile now, but apparently just noticed his name was on his favorite chair! What a goof!

Erin O. said...

My dog does the exact same thing. If I'm petting my boyfriend's dog, Murphy will often come up and push them out of the way to sit in my lap. Yes, it can be frustrating, but also sweet. He is by far the most affectionate of the three and yes, it did take quite a bit of time to get warmed up. If we didn't have three between the two of us, I'd offer to take Jake for a buddy.

Ashley said...

HA. Maybe you just hate running alone. Its boring.
ANd, I hear you on cleaning. Seriously, I feel like thats ALL i do and everything has a home at my house too. I actually dont mind organizing and de clutter, but I am OVER cleaning, like actual scrubbing and stuff.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh Cooper, I love him!! And that's awesome about his smart boy! I am beyond impressed at your running. Get it girl!!