May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Yay, new blog design is up!!  I intend to post more about the name change later :)

I was on Cooper duty for most of the long weekend.  Lee went to the lake with some friends, but I decided not to go and instead stayed home and had some great quality time with my baby boy, who is sadly not much of a baby these days :(

Case in point:


Yes, those are big boy underwear.  Yes, I cried a little when I bought them.  More about that later this week.

Saturday morning we had Cooper’s 2 year pictures.  And of course he woke up not feeling well!  So he fell asleep right when we got there and he wasn’t too interested in smiling, but hopefully we got one or two good ones :)

Lee left for the lake after that and Cooper and I hung around the house and played in the backyard.  He perked up after a little while and we ended up having a great day together.


On Sunday, we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  Our office, and well, most of our house, if I’m being honest, was a disaster area, so Cooper helped me clean it out and get it all organized.  It was while we were making several trips upstairs that I realized we don’t really need the baby gates anymore, Cooper goes up and down the stairs just fine.  More proof that he’s not a baby anymore…

That evening, my family came over for barbeque and they brought cupcakes.  Cooper is obsessed with cupcakes.  The second he spotted them, he started shouting “Tuptake!! Tuptake!!” and then he started saying “Happy!” (for birthday).  I do believe he also said birthday for the first time, but hard to tell because there was a lot of excitement.

After we ate, Cooper got a cupcake.  My mom sat it in front of him, and he just stared at us.  It was weird that he wasn’t eating it.  Then he said “Happy!”  I said “Do you want us to sing Happy Birthday to you?”  He replied “Yeah!!”  Um, so…we did.  Ha!  We sang Happy Birthday to Cooper and he just stared at us all and grinned and waited until we were finished to eat his cupcake.  Silly boy.


Pretend that he didn’t eat only the icing and then ask for more.

Sunday we did laundry and Daddy came home!  I ran a few errands and went to the grocery store while they played outside.

He loves to swing, and he usually asks for you to sit in the other swing next to him.  He also made me ride on the teeter totter swing thing on the far left a few times over the weekend.  I’m sure that was an attractive sight.


Oh, and as for what the girls did all weekend, you’re looking at it:


Rough life.


Aja said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! I love that he just sat there waiting for you guys to sing to him. :) So cute!

Jax said...

haha! Love the "Happy." Cute. :) And also, you and I have the same pillows! the sunburst ones from Target.. and we're also both obsessed with the same Ikat fabric you used for your curtains. Love it. We have good taste. ;)

Ashley said...

For some reason I didnt see this in reader until now! HE IS such a big boy! I cant believe it.

Sweet Simplicity said...

Love the new design!