October 25, 2011

16 Months

Cooper, you are 16 months old as of a few weeks ago, oops!!

Picture 007

You’re getting so big!  Here’s what you’ve been up to over the past couple of months.

You have been sick, sick, sick!  No fun at all!  You had your first ear infection, which you just couldn’t get rid of.  Along with that, you’ve had a myriad of other unknown bugs, not to mention cutting four molars at once!

You have become quite the picky eater, and you think it is hilarious to throw food behind your chair and ON your head!  You are just so, so funny :) You can eat A LOT.  Sometimes I wonder how we will afford to feed you when you’re a teenager.  You often eat even more than I could, and that’s saying something!  You love beans, pesto pasta, cheese, most fruits and vegetables, yogurt, and all carbs.  Your hands down favorites are bananas, club crackers, and sliced cheese.

You have a vocabulary of about 7 words: Dada, Dog, and Woof, which you have been saying for a while.  New ones over the past month are: Mama(!), Uh Oh, Up, and Truck.  Your favorite word is Uh Oh, and you say it all the time.  You love to do something you shouldn’t on purpose and say Uh Oh.  You are talking SO much gibberish over the past week.  It is non-stop and so funny!  Makes me think you might be on the verge of really beginning to talk.

You love to point at everything, and you love to clap!  You only started clapping a few months ago, and now you do it very often.  Particularly when you think you deserve praise.  Like, when you throw food on your head.  Stinker :)

You recently started blowing kisses.  I have no idea where this came from, as we never tried to teach you, but I am so glad you figured it out, because it is the cutest thing ever!

You are always up to give a kiss on the cheek.  But, you give big, wet, open mouth kisses.  Often with tongue, hahaha!

Picture 005

You started daycare this month!  You go 3 days a week.  I think you were a little shy the first several weeks, but now you seem to be more comfortable.  I can tell because we get reports saying that you have been grabbing faces and pulling hair.  Nice, buddy.

You have a new favorite toy.  The vacuum cleaner.  You are obsessed with the vacuum!  You even take us to the closet every day and make us take it out.  You would prefer that we run the vacuum each time also, but we don’t.  You like to play with the attachments and take the handheld part off.  You also love to drag the cord all over.  The other day you even took the plug-in part over to the electrical outlet and tried to plug it in!  Very smart boy :)  I will say that thanks to this newfound love of yours, the house is vacuumed way more than it would be normally!

You play rough.  I have always disliked it when people say “he’s all boy”, because, well, yes, you are all boy.  Um, because you are a boy.  Anyway, as much as I dislike the term, it’s appropriate.  You are all boy.  You can roughhouse and wrestle with the best of the middle school boys, I have no doubt.  You’re so rough that I often hesitate before laying down on the floor because I know that you will immediately run over and jump on me.  Quite literally.  I close my eyes and hold my breath, seriously!

You now refuse to drink milk before bed.  You used to down a full sippy, but now you shake your head no and push it away.    For some reason, this, to me, meant the end of babyhood L

We took you to the chiropractor for the first time this month.  You were having major issues with being sick all the time and you did not sleep more than 3 hours at a time for a month.  After endless trips to the doctor, we decided to try another route.  And I will tell you that your ear infections are gone and you have slept 11 hours straight since we went.  I’m not saying it was for sure the chiropractor, but SIX weeks of illness, and then it stopped after that adjustment.  We’re going back on a regular basis!

Speaking of sleep.  At night, you go down for bed about 7pm and get up about 6am.  When you are at home, you usually take 2 one-ish hour naps around 10 and 2.  When you’re at daycare, you take one nap at noon.

Picture 006

Oh my gosh, you LOVE to help cook!  Love love!  Every time I am making something, you ask to be picked up so you can watch and “help”.  Sometimes it is difficult, especially when I’m making something on the stove.  But, if I’m mixing something that is not hot, I will often let you help “stir” and you love it!  I think you will become a good little kitchen helper one day :)

love love love



Erica said...

I've never been to a chiropractor in my life, or taken Kirsten, but I've read many good things about them on blogs...crazy! I'm glad that he's FINALLY feeling better!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

okay for real, who's the big boy in these pictures?!?? how is he so grown!!!!!

so glad he's finally feeling better. that had to be rough on baby and mama..

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

OMG- The Vacuum!! I love how he loves it. I also love that the chiropractor did wonders like that! And, that dog looks sooo small next to him now. Maybe a girl at daycare is blowing him kisses and that’s how he learned it :)