May 11, 2010

The accidental post about television

  • Does anyone else still watch The Hills? I do. I can’t help it, it’s like a terrible car accident on the side of the road. You know you shouldn’t look, but you just can’t stop yourself. The last season seems like it’s going to be the most ridiculous yet. Please tell me you saw Spencer with his crystals! LOL, this guy is clearly putting on a show to get attention, and he is more desperate than ever, because his only claim to fame is going to be over in a few short months. AND Heidi told one of the girls that she really wanted her new boobs to be H's?!?! For Heidi!!! Hahaha!! That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! You know what I don’t understand? Why do these people who don’t like each other hang out together? It’s so obvious that these scenes are set up purely for the show. At least when Lauren was on it, it appeared that, for the most part, people hung out with each other because they were friends. Whatever. I will still watch it :)
  • You can't talk about The Hills without mentioning The City! I love The City! What's not to love? You have Whitney Port and Kelly Cutrone. I love how Kelly is so blunt but she also had that softer side that you don't see all that often. Well, I suppose there is one thing not to love, and her name is Olivia! Can we say jealous?! That's the only explanation I can possibly think of to why she is such a butch to Whitney this season. How does that girl even keep a job with her attitude? I'm honestly not a huge fan of Erin either, who works with Olivia at Elle. I do like that she immediately sensed Olivia's sense of entitlement to everything, but she is in charge of Olivia and she does not act very professional about it.
  • Have you watched Parenthood? It's new this year and I LOVE this show! It's so great, and I like all of the story lines. Plus, it have Lorelai Gilmore in it, how can you not love her? (speaking of Gilmore Girls, Luke is on 90210 now! I think it was only a couple episodes, but he's the dad of a main character!)
  • American Idol is winding down for the season. I think there are 5 (4?) left. My favorites are Crystal and Lee. I actually didn't like Lee at all when they announced he made it on the show, but after his first 2 performances, I definitely became a fan! I really want Crystal to win though!
  • The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I have been waiting for this to come back on, and now that it is, I don't know why I was so anxious. I'm sad because I want to like the show more than I do. I just don't know how much longer they can drag this situation with Danielle out. And that's like the only story line they have going. Seriously? If you don't like someone then don't text them congratulations that your daughter is a model!! They are just so dramatic about it. And Danielle is a NUTCASE! Who throws themself a party because their daughter made a magazine cover?! And the daughter isn't even invited! If I were the daughter, my feelings would be hurt. It's kind of like when my mom was going to have a grandma shower because I was pregnant. I won't go there.
  • Fringe! I don't have anything to discuss about this show, but I can't have a post about tv shows I watch without including this favorite of mine. And so that I can include a picture of my boyfriend on the side :)
  • I'm excited for The Bachelorette with Ali to start! I think it is set to start this month? I'm not positive, but I will definitely be watching! I think that Reality Steve already has some spoilers up, if you like to ruin it for yourself, which I do!
  • Speaking of new shows, the new season of So You Think You Can Dance starts at the end of the month!!!!! This is my favorite show EVER and I'm so so excited! This season, they are only taking 10 new contestants to the top 20. Then they are going to be paired with 10 of the past contestants. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it will be interesting for sure :)
I didn't start out to write a post about television, somehow that just happened! Haha, maybe I should get a life? I have just always loved tv, and especially reality tv. Sadly, I watch a LOT more shows than just this, but these were the ones that sprung to mind as I typed. :)

Today I am ONE MONTH from my due date! I can't believe that I'm so close to having him!


Jax said...

OOooh I didnt know that about SYTYCD! Agh!!! I cannot wait for it to start! I wonder who they'll bring back.. Interesting. And I didnt see the Hills tonight, but I love me some Whitney and The City! I didnt see it either, but I saw it last week. I seriously want to backhand Olivia.. but I agree about Erin. The whole sitch is annoying. not as annoying as Speidi but annoying. :)

And finally.. YAYAYAYAYAY for one month from your due date!!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

Whoa! LEss than a month to go!! So exciting.
LOVE LOVE Parenthood.
I keep forgetting to DVR Fringe. I really like that show. I will need to cath up on line...because I LOVE tv too! :)